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8 Brocades - Baduanjin chigong

The 8 brocades are one of the most popular and well known sets of chi gong exercises used.
The 8 brocades simply means eight strands of silk or eight panels of silk.
The 8 brocades name comes from the exercise routines that were embroidered in silk, on eight silk panels found in the terracotta tomb of the yellow Emperor in China.

The eight brocades can be practiced on three distinct levels, elementary, intermediate and advanced. Below is the brocade elementary level, but the 8 brocades film (and PDF) contains all three levels which become more challenging as the levels progress - buy

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The 8 brocade exercises are said to have health benefits if they are practice regularly with honesty and conviction:
1. lift the sky
2. Pull the bow
3. Single arm lift
4. Look backwards
5. Head shake and buttocks swaying
6. Hold the toes
7. Fist thrust with an angry glare
8. Heel lift and shake the body

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