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About Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is an exciting, dangerous and athletic form of martial arts fighting that takes combat to its limit. Meditation has traditionally been the cornerstone to any good martial art.
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Mixed martial arts is the use of a mixture of martial art, karate, judo and boxing etc. This type of mixing the martial arts was probably first seen in China when kung fu experts learned different styles then crossed China looking to fight anyone who wanted to prove themselves.
The first recorded mixed martial arts contest may have been the Olympic sport of Pankration which was a mixture of boxing and wrestling seen in the Olympics in 648 BC.
Later in Japan the Samurai developed jujitsu from kung fu as a back-up fighting system to use instead of the sword. Jujitsu being a combination of Karate, Judo, Aikido, in fact all three at some stage could be said to develop out of jujitsu.
We know that Hironori Ohtsuka used some of the techniques from Shinto-Yoshi-Ryu jujitsu style to create Wado-Ryu Karate-do and The father of modern Judo, Jigoro Kano started his formative martial arts training in Tenjin-Shinyo-Ryu jujitsu, with the name judo formed from the word jujitsu, the founder of Aikido Morihei Takeda first trained in Daito-ryu aiki-jutsu.
It is also well documented that jujitsu schools would have regular public competitions to study and develop effective combat techniques. During the competitions combatants would duel, some contests ending in death.

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One of the first jujitsu/mixed martial arts, cross training styles to be developed in europe was by Edward William Barton-Wright in 1898 Victorian Britain, which he called Bartitsu.
Barton-Wright Had spent 3 years in Japan as an engineer, and studied jujitsu whilst he was there.
Previously Barton-Wright had learned how to Box, Wrestle, Fence, Stiletto and Savate fighting, bringing all these combat styles together to form a complete martial art, the Bartitsu style.
Barton-Wright had become friends with Dr Jigoro Kano when in Japan, Jigoro Kano being the founder of Judo and the Kodokan school, Barton-Wright arranged to have Japanese martial arts experts a fencing master, a wrestler, a jujitsu master (Yukio Tani) and a Swiss Master-at-Arms to come and teach in his Victorian London club under the Barton-Wright Bartitsu jujitsu style.

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Modern MMA contests were originally definded by different martial arts styles fighting each other.
MMA has come a long way since those first fights, now the MMA fighter wants to know it all and use it all to come out on top.
Modern mixed martial arts that is practiced today usually consists of karate, boxing, kick boxing, muay thai, wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu and Judo (or any martial arts technique that works and is within the rules).
Vale Tudo
Vale Tudo (means anything goes) developed in Brazil in the 1920's was bought to the USA in 1993 by the Gracie family and called the style on style bouts the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Now MMA bouts are regularly viewed all over the globe with the top fighters earning large amounts of money for each fight.

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