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Tai chi quan (Qigong walking) and health

Tai chi quan (Qigong walking) and health is all about what the connection between the mind and body has metaphysically from a western point of view and a Traditional Chinese Medicine angle.

Taiji quan (Qigong walking) and health suggests the probabilities of what could happen in the body and mind during therapy and Qigong movement for stress, metaphysical dysfunctions and spiritual trauma's.

Tai chi quan (Qigong walking) and health is worth reading just to gain an understanding of how the mind and body organically functions along with spiritual energy with suggestions of possible remedies through alternate healing and western therapeutic actions.

The Brain

The brain (and body) stores memories, produces hormones, and is regarded to be the seat of thought, thinking and creativity (the mind).
The brain uses an incredible 20% of the bodies resources such as glucose and oxygen.
The brain is mythically suppose to use only 10% of its power, but in fact can sometimes function to the power of 100%.
The brain is constructed of a jelly like material that is a lot larger that it actually appears (because it is folded over many times), it weights about 3lbs or 1.361 kilos, the brain has a left and right hemisphere, a cerebellum, a cerebral cortex and a brain stem that leads down the back through the centre of the spine, as part of the central nervous system (CNS).
Central Nervous System
The brain is the main part of the CNS, indeed the brain uses the CNS to send information and messages via various hormones and brain electrical activity across different types of neurons, then through nerves to exert control on the body.

No worldwide scientist, neurologist, brain surgeon, psychiatric mind expert or any expert to to do with the mind, the brain, thought and thinking can pinpoint scientifically, or biologically were thoughts and thinking comes from or how they are produced in the mind, body and spirit-shen (the three treasures).

Manipulation of the mind
The minds biology can be manipulated through surgery, drugs (that travel through the whole of the body), talking, damage/illness, food and drink (vitamins and minerals).
Mind/brain understanding has been a learning process by most scientific cultures through study and the testing of drugs or metaphysical techniques (talking and surgical), techniques that have been developed over hundreds of years, and yet still nobody knows (eastern or western) how thinking is produced or where it comes from.

Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan and the Brain:
Tai chi and chi gong are methods to help improve and develop a smooth communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the CNS, using Tai chi and chi gong creates an environment of harmony and co-operation between the two hemispheres, encouraging a supportive oneness of the mind through physical bio-feedback of the Traditional Chinese Medicine style of movements connected to a focused thought process, and promotes each hemisphere to do what it is best at doing whilst encouraging supporting to the brains other side (hemisphere).
This means that tai chi and chi gong are particularly good exercises for absolutely anyone (with a brain), and an excellent metaphysical exercise set for most forms of dementia including Alzheimer's, or cerebral brain injuries especially stroke victims if caught in early stages of the stroke.

Right Hemisphere
The right side of the brain controls functional movement on the left side of the body. If you wiggle your left toes the electrical impulse comes from the brain's right hemisphere.
Energetically Yin

The BrainBrain left & right lobes copyright

The corpus callosum connects the left and right sides of the brain for communication purposes.

Left Hemisphere
The left side of the brain controls functional movement on the right side of the body. If you wiggle your right fingers the electrical impulse comes from the brain's left hemisphere.
Energetically Yang

Between the two hemispheres of the brain is a thick bundle of nerves called the corpus callosum that shuttles information from one side of the brain to the other for communication purposes.
The processes happening in the right side of the brain are moved constantly to the left side of the brain and visa versa, so that the two brain hemispheres can work as one, and this can create a residual lasting memory imprint of what happens from the brains right hemisphere on to the brains left hemisphere and visa versa.
Therefore, if a way is found to unlock long term residual memories from the brain, the brain compromised patient may have a chance to retrieve some normal balanced brain function to improve their overall brain, cognitive health.
During the correct practice of chigong exercise and the taiji forms it is believed that an even electrical brain function current is promoted to develop light, medative Theta and restorative Alpha healing brain waves to energize the mind/body into an holistic healing event that may unlock residual memories to bring improvement to brain function thus yielding better brain functionality.
What does all this intelligence mean for taiji chuan and qigong

Energetically Yang

Energetically Yin

Business like - ordered - analytical

Artistic - creative - musical talent

Verbal - functions, use and control of speech.

Non-verbal - body language and awareness, use of imagery not words, 
non-verbal communication.

Temporal -  awareness of time and sequences of things like timetables, dates, facts, sentences.

Intuitive -  gut feeling, extra-sensory perception, anxiety-releasing dreams.

Symbolism -  understanding signs (traffic lights), men's/ladies' room, add+ and subtract-.

Non-temporal -  subconscious functions like day-dreaming, losing all track of time

Logic, movement of ideas, rationality -
Preciseness of ideas and the correct use of them in the scheme of things, reasoned arguments, literal interpretation of words.

Spatial -  visuo-spatial functions, mind mapping, understanding distance, how puzzles fit together and the distance between pieces, art, drawing, painting.

Digits - correct use of numbers

Non-rational - belief in magic, story-telling, fantasies, imaginary friends, losing yourself in a game, films, what if thoughts.

Analytical - step-by-step thinking: 1 plus 1 equates to 2, mathematical thinking.

Sympathetic - putting together feelings, facts and ideas to a colleague

Please note: if the brain has epilepsy or is damaged by trauma causing seizures the corpus callosum in some cases is cut (known as a commissurotomy) and communication of the left and right side of the brain stops. This causes a cessation of the seizures because the damaged side of the brain cannot communicate its seizure to affect the healthy side of the brain. The down side to this is communication between the two brain hemispheres is lost.
The lost communication of the hemispheres led researchers to the discovery of what each side of the brain did as shown in the previous chart.

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Electrical Brain: (Electrical Body)
The brain has/produces electrical currents that can move in readable electrical waves depending on what mood or metaphysical states (relaxation, excitement or fear etc) the brain owner is in. Finding out which brain wave is dominant could determine the holistic balance or states of consciousness at the time of reading the brain (with an electroencephalograph, EEG).
Slow Brain Wave Activity
The slower moving electrical brain waves could suggest relaxation, meditation, sleep, deep sleep or even a coma.electric Me copyright
Quick Moving Brain Wave Activity
Faster moving brain waves are more suggestive of inspiration, deep emotion and creativity.

Note: There is always a charge of electricity in the air that oscillates at different rates depending on the weather, in fair weather the air above the earths surface is positively charged (yang), whilst the earths surface has a negative (yin) electrical charge, and man (yang) + woman (yin) stand in between (tri gram of heaven-wiki). Electricity in the air will always affect humans because we are in essence electrical beings.

Brain Wave Synchronization
Research and studies have proven that brain waves synchronize in a group context, or can form a synchronized electrical connection throughout a whole gathering of people.
Women who live together in groups (such as university students) can become so unconsciously, metaphysically, synchronized that they can all have their menstrual cycle in the same week, every month for years whilst living in close proximity with eachother.
Studies into Brain synchronization
Professor Lauri Nummenmaa from the Aalto University, Finland reported that:
"Sharing others emotional states provides the observers a somato-sensory and neural framework that facilitates understanding others' intentions and actions and allows to 'tune in' or 'sync' with them. Such automatic tuning facilitates social interaction and group processes. The results have major implications for current neural models of human emotions and group behaviour. It also deepens our understanding of mental disorders involving abnormal socio-emotional processing". Tuning in or Syncing has the halmarks of an empethetic reflective relationship?
Education, Clubs and Classes Brain Wave Synchronization
It is not fully understood why brain waves and biology synchronizes but it is accepted that it happens (it could be a throwback from our ancestors lack of verbal skills, instead brain wave synchronizing helped to promote group sync interactions for survival, hunting and general interations), and ways that encourage synchronization could be through development of an ongoing, progressive emphatic connection.
Good teachers and leaders learn to understand their students and good therapists connect with their clients, research suggests that facial expressions, body language and an empathic attitude could begin the brain wave connection between people whether it is in a group context, or a one to one situation. Sports clubs (football, rugby, swimming), groups on the internet can brain wave connect, meeting a new partner and sensing a connection (brain wave syncing) can help evolve relationships that work efficiently together the yin and yang of human connections.

Brain Waves (what happens):

Gamma brain waves
Blissfulness and higher states of consciousness 25 - 100 Hz

Beta brain waves
Alert, fully awake in normal, focused consciousness 14 - 30 Hz

Alpha brain waves
Eyes open or closed calm, encouraging relaxed peacefulness with an open, empty mind 9 - 13 Hz Watching television etc, can promote alpha brain wave activity making the watcher open to suggestions (advertising). Cinema audiences can synchronize brain waves whilst collectively watching a film

Theta brain waves
Deeply relaxed, meditation, insightful daydreaming, 1st stage of sleep 4 - 8 Hz

Delta brain waves
Deeply asleep but no dreams, rejuvenation body healing1 - 3 Hz

Rapid Eye Movement: Stage 5 of sleep

What does all this intelligence mean for taiji chuan and qigong


Areas of the brain copyright

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