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I have advertising space in your area at, and for a limited period guychi is offering a low cost promotional advert opportunity on the page for your county you therapeutically treat people in, plus an advert on a generic page for your particular therapy.

Sidebar advert (top) - high profile
The cost of an advert in the sidebar (284px wide and 184px high), top sidebar £80 which is less than £7 a month for a years high profile advertisment.
Sidebar advert (below counties navigation bar) - good profile
Avertise below the counties navigation widget is only £50 for a full year of advetising, this offer is for a limited period.
Note: London, Yorkshire and the Midlands top sidebar £150 with the index page costing £200 a year.

Clients who use guychi
If you get only one client at £50 from an advert on then the avert has paid for itself, whilst other advertisers charge per lead (starting at £10 a lead), allowing a free advert on their site(s), but, with your centre being on the guychi site, guychi will connect clients directly to your website, enable and disclose all email addresses, phone numbers and any other ways to contact you for  you to discuss treatment(s) with potential clients, this advertising cost is yearly with no VAT and will pay for itself through one enquiry a year.

Cost effective
Paying only £50 for a year is a very cost effective, and a cheap way to get your therapy centre and therapists well known within the martial arts community in your county, and martial artists tend to be complimentary therapy orientated simply because of the type of sports they choose to practice.

Limited amount of adverts
guychi is only allowing 12 adverts per page (except London, Yorkshire and the Midlands who will be allowed 20), plus one premium advert that is at the top of the page (is currently the sleep advert), so please apply quickly so you or your centre does not miss out.

Premium advert
Top of the page premium advert (sleep) is sized at 640px wide and 150px high, and is £300 a year with London, Yorkshire and the Midlands costing £500 each.

Sports Equipment
The above prices are for therapists and trainers only, sports equipment and other company adverts are exempt from the above prices and all advertises pricing will need to be discussed.

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martial arts finder - locate a martial arts club in your area:
tai chi/karate/judo/aikido/tae kwondo/fencing-kendo-laido-jodo/wing chun-kung fu/MMA/boxing/jujitsu