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Healthy weight losseat well and lose weight

This is part of the guychi weight loss program details on how to join

Note: All outside classes are included as part of the guychi weight loss program.

Healthy weight loss is hard work and to lose weight you will feel hungry at times. This hunger is what is what I call healthy hunger.
Feeling hungry is natural and should be acknowledged.
The diets that say you will not feel hunger do-not work, I bet a large proportion of people considering this diet plan have done at least one diet club before, probably lost weight then put it all back on again. Because its shameful to feel hungry with so much food around.

I will say it out loud


There I've said it now, the taboo words "you will feel hungry," to keep the weight off. You must learn how to be hungry for periods of time between meals and you must learn to live with it, being hungry is a very natural state for your body and your mind. Just because food is easy to get as its everywhere it does not mean you have to put it in your mouth.
Feeling hungry is also the main way the body tells you "hey you are about to lose some body fat, you can stop this feeling simply by eating", yum yum you eat again and instead you put more fat on the body, you must learn to be hungry, but there is a way to help control those hunger pangs, this new innovative is simple to use and easy to apply working mostly on the limbic system by engaging the amygdala to stop thinking about food. Developed by Robin guychi aromamasking helps to eliminate those horrible craving that control food intake between meals.

Let yourself feel hungry because have you ever noticed that the more you eat the more hungry you eat well and lose weightfeel and the more food you want to eat, aromamasking helps you to control these feelings. Try fasting for a day and you will notice that the hunger pains will get less and less as the day goes on (whilst you get moodier and moodier). Aromamasking engages the brain in such a way that learning to be hungry its natural (not uncomfortable), so if you accept hunger you will lose weight naturally through calorie control, portion size control and exercise which means you will keep the weight off naturally!!!

Aromamasking for weight management
guychi has developed a new way to cope with hunger pangs, it is called aromamasking and aromamasking will take the edge off of food craving, yes you will still have a desire to eat but using this technique craving can become manageable enough for your will power to cope with the rest.

How does aromamasking work
Using a blend of essential oils to target the limbic system in the brain were cravings and desires for food (and other things) through the release of chemical messengers via the five senses (in this case mostly smell and visual content), through the way the essential oils are delivered and the guychi special formulation which helps the limbic systems affect in relation to food and eating could encourage less calorie intake than normal through the natural essential oils direct effect on the brain.

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guychi weight loss diet does not promise you will lose weight but instead will work with you so that you fulfil a promise to yourself, that promise is I will lose weight naturally.
guychi will try to help you to feel less hungry with aromamasking and by using and teaching you hypnosis/suggestion techniques, breathing techniques, easy to do exercises routines and suggested foods to eat in the book with ancient tips from around the globe to help you feel less hungry as your body moves into a weight-loss mode which will make the body hungry by craving for extra food, food you do not need to sustain you and be healthy. eat well and lose weight
guychi will also try to help people who comfort eat through hypnosis/suggestion in the classes and the subliminal messages on the DVD you can read these messages in the weight loss principles, please read them and be assured that you will not become or do anything bad, only lose weight healthily, and I promise the subliminal messages are not going to stop you from feeling completely hungry they will just help you to cope with the hunger you will feel when your body moves into fat losing mode by craving for food.
I promise the less food you eat the more weight you will lose and to be healthy you must eat a balanced healthy amount of food.

Note: If you have an eating disorder, and are under-weight the subliminal messages we use are more likely to stimulate weight gain until you reach a natural weight to height ratio.

  • summery of guychi weight loss principles
  • guychi weight loss principles

Weight loss principles summery:
1. Exercise with the guychi DVD minimum 3 to 4 times a week. aromamask
2. Listen to the subliminal weight loss CD for at least 10 - 20 minutes a day. aromamask
3. Drink at least 2 litres of water daily. aromamask
4. Eat breakfast (preferably porridge). aromamask
5. No processed food. aromamask
6. Eat plenty of fibre, fruit, vegetables and a low fat/lean protein source. aromamask
7. Give yourself a treat without feeling guilty. aromamask
8. Chew your food until it is completely chewed up before swallowing. aromamask
9. Use a smaller plate and give yourself a smaller helping to fit your plate. aromamask
10. Shop with your mind not your tummy. Eat before you go out shopping. aromamask
11. Eat 3 healthy meals a day controlling portion size. aromamask
12. Do not weigh yourself everyday. aromamask

The guychi weight loss principles

Note: These principles are just guidelines you must decide what you want to use and what you do-not want to use, but do aromamask

Exercise with the guychi film at least 3 to 4 times weekly.
It is important to exercise regularly when getting fit and losing weight as exercise can help to change your shape and shed those pounds by burning off excess calories and fat cells to promote the formation of healthy lean muscle tissue. Exercise can also help to speed up the metabolic rate so that your body burns more calories when at rest. You can exercise with the DVD in the evening after work or get up early before work, if you stay at home pick a time during your day to exercise.

Subliminal messages found on the DVD:

1. Every day in every way your feelings of self confidence
increase, you feel full, comfortably eating small amounts of food.

2. Every day in every way you develop a peaceful happiness that allows you to relax and exercise down to a slimmer you.

3. You can and will become a new, slender, more energetic and more attractive slimmer you.

4. Walking and all kinds of exercise for health and fitness regularly is comfortable and good for your mind, body and spirit, you lose weight.

5. Fatty, sugary drink and foods especially chocolate taste horrible and disgusting and you can now discard them from your diet.

6. Small amounts of fruits, vegetables, low calorie healthy food tastes wonderful and beautiful. These foods fill you up. Eating these foods during a meal prevent and stop any hunger desires or pangs very easily and you love to eat them as part of your new permanent well balanced healthy diet.

7. You find that you are attracted to eating only 3 healthy small sized meals a day and this amazing helps you to feel comfortably full all the time.

8. Breathe to lose weight - Breathe to lose body fat

Drink around 2 litres of water daily.
Drinking 2 litres of water will help to keep your body hydrated and functioning to its full potential. Water is a basic requirement of every cell in the body. A good water drinking habit will promote the bodyies systems to be 100% holistically efficient. The amount of water taken in will help with detoxification and a feeling of fullness because sometimes when you are feeling hungry your body is just thirsty. Research suggests that overweight people tend not to drink much water. So if you suffer from hunger pangs all the time try a glass of water and note how you feel. To enhance the flavour of your water why not put a slice of fresh ginger or squeeze in some fresh lemon juice or even put in a sprig of mint.
Note: Do not over drink as drinking too much water can strip the body of some essential nutrients and cause over hydration which is dangerous. Children/parents should seek advice from a GP about the recommended daily allowance of water for children.

Eat breakfast.
You must eat breakfast and it must be of the right type of food. The breakfast recommended by guychi is porridge, grainbread, granarybread or unsweetened muesli. All of these have a low to mid glycemic index and are low in fat, encouraging good energy levels throughout the morning without taking in an excess of fat and sugar. Porridge can be enhanced with any kind of fruit. Simply choose your fruit and slice it into your porridge to sweeten it or give it a different flavour.

Note : if you do not eat regularly during the day your body will go into starvation mode and your metabolic rate will slow down. If this happens your body will find it very difficult to lose any weight and if you stop watching your food and exercising you could immediately and quickly put those kilos/pounds back on.

No processed food.
If you choose to eat processed food instead of wholesome food you will likely to be missing out on a lot of essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are vital for any diet. Vitamins , minerals are nutrients that are essential to any diet, they keep the mind, body and spirit in good condition to help sustain a healthy dieting progress. Not enough essential nutrients can lead to illness and should be avoided at all cost. Essential nutrients delivered from a natural food source is the holistically healthy option.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables (fibre) and low fat protein source.
Fruit and vegetables are bursting with essential nutrients, fibre and water. Protein is an important necessary food requirement as it supplies the body with amino acids that are not naturally produced by the body. These amino acids are a fundamental essential food for good health because they are used for growth and general body maintenance.

Give yourself a treat without feeling guilty.
Your diet should not be boring and depressing as this way of thinking is counter-productive. Giving yourself a treat means that if you want to have some wine you should only have one glass of wine and not a whole bottle; if you want a piece of chocolate you have just one piece of chocolate. Developing self control can take time. Develop an opinion that a healthy you is a fun and enjoyable you. If you stop, think and analyze what you are doing to yourself for a few moments you won’t need to feel guilty because if you are having fun by being healthy you are slowly changing the way you think about yourself and how you want to be. You are changing your lifestyle to a healthier way of living.

Chew your food until it is completely chewed up before swallowing.
Chewing your food until it is completely chewed up is important to your diet, why? Because...
The enzymes in your mouth that are produced whilst chewing help encourage fullness.
Chewing prolongs the eating process. The length of time spent eating may send a message to the brain saying the body has now eaten for a long enough period to be satisfied and food consumption can now stop.
You can train the taste buds on the tongue to feel and enjoy what you are eating and drinking. Over eaters are notorious for shovelling in food without tasting it or being aware of how much food or drink has gone in.

Use a smaller plate and give yourself a smaller helping to fit your plate.
Throw or give away the larger plates amongst the crockery, as this encourages large helpings of food heaped high on the plate. If there has to be big plates in the house, do not personally use them, instead choose some smaller plates to use and state that these plates are for personal use by labelling your name on them with indelible ink. Always eat a nutritionally balanced diet as shown on the plate above.
Note: Do not eat huge helping of food. Overweight people tend to eat too much food, a smaller plate will help keep food portions down. Your body will feel it has eaten something about 20 minutes after eating regardless of portion size. You are the one in control.

Shop with your mind not your tummy. Eat and drink some water before going out shopping.
Eat and drink before shopping means that when you get to the shops you will not be hungry or thirsty, and all of those food aromas from cake, café, sweet shops and fast food outlets in general will have less of a chance to tempt you into eating their high calorific high fat content fry-ups.

Eat 3 meals daily watching portion size.

Do not weigh yourself everyday.
Weighing yourself everyday is counterproductive because your weight can fluctuate from morning to night. You will weigh more after a drink of water than before. This way of being is also obsessive behaviour that may lead to an eating disorder. Any obsessive behaviour should be avoided at all cost, according to traditional Chinese medical theory, obsessions have a negative affect on the chi energy of the spleen and stomach. The stomach and spleen chi controls the way food is broken up and distributed, if this function is disrupted then food taken in will be of little nutritional value.

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