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Inside class
Telephone or Text
07583 94 84 34

Private Tuition and classes available @
St George's Centre
01305 823406

New Beginners Qigong and Taiji
New Qigong and Taiji 10 week courses
The cost for the course is £85; and a session is approximatly 1hr long.
Please email guychi for more information. What can a class do for my mind?

Class (can) include Yoga breathing, Meditation, Mindful Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan

New Class

Taking student inquiries now! Go to Beginner's class & Intermediate class
email - tel: 07583 94 84 34

Class usually held in the Peter Trim hall (Small hall on the left - green door on the pavement)st georges centre portland dorset united kingdomClasses consist of:
Chi Gong (18 Shibashi / 8 Brocades / 10 Yijinjing for Beginners) - 8 Tai Chi Forms (Beginners) - 16 Tai Chi Forms - 24 Tai Chi Forms - 37 Tai Chi Forms - Long Forms Yang Style

Tai Chi Chuan Chi Gong and Zen Meditation

Classes are in blocks of 10
St George’s Centre, Reforne, Portland, Dorset, DT5 2AN Isle of Portland Heritage Trust (nearly next door to), and at the YMCA, Reforne, Portland, Dorset, DT5 2AN

New Classes for Beginners & intermediate:
Island Of Portland Heritage Trust
St.Georges Centre & YMCA Classes
Portland DT5 2AN


To book your place

Tel: 07583 94 84 34   

To book your place email with your name, telephone number (mob or home, please do not forget to add an email address) to be added to the Tai Chi Chuan class listing

Arrive about 10 minutes early - All Welcome (please see terms & conditions)

Please note that the clothing you wear should be loose and comfortable, shoes preferably flat.

Bring a bottle of water.

Mindful Taiji and Qigong

Guychi offers a unique insight into meditation via learning the tai chi forms; indeed, normal tai chi training consists of following the instructor and picking-up the basics. However, guychitaichi training is an intended mindful meditation training connections from class one, with a focus on mind/body in the moment-connecting-with-movements to place the practitioner into the now, or present moment. This can be scary for some people because it mean letting go of the past and future whilst learning something. Indeed, this type of instruction is focused on the union of mental health connection whilst letting go of bodily tensions and rebuilding a metaphysical relationship, and can sometimes bring repressed stress to the surface which was, previously, a psychic disconnection.

hold the ball in a T stance

About Chi and guychitaichi instruction
Full Training in learning/using chi (ki) of the Heavens and Earth, controlling and guiding chi (ki) in the body, learning to build and understand (external/internal) relationships with the mind - body, how to promote the use of chi (ki), guiding chi (ki), manipulating, exploring and discovering chi (ki) energy, what chi is about with a focus on correct application of the forms and learning to connect meditation with Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong forms, using meditation as a trigger throughout the day whilst maintaining and encouraging a chi promoting (Jing meridians - Luo collaterals) posture throughout the lessons are fully observed as an integrated part of all guychitaichi training and instruction sessions.
Qigong only or Tai Chi Chuan only or Qigong &Taiji.
Note: prices and availability may vary and can be subject to change at any time. Taiji and Qigong techniques should always be taught or learned from a competent instructor to get full benefits.

Terms & Conditions:
Name - Address - Telephone number (home and mobile) - email address.
Students must complete no less than 80% (should a pay-by-block of lessons apply) of the beginners class (10 sessions) before moving on to the more advanced tuition.

Students are expected to be respectful at all times to other students and the instructor.

Once payment has been made students are enrolled in the course. (if enrollment fee is required)
Should a student discover they cannot attend the course before the course has started but has paid in full a refund will be made with a small deduction of a £10 administration fee.

If a student attends the first class and decides to not attend for whatever reason a refund will not be applicable as a place has been supplied to the student for the whole course.

Students can join a beginners course at anytime but must pay for the full course
price and attend a least 8 sessions before moving on to the regular classes.
(Only applicable on block courses)

Please note:
guychi instructors reserve the right to exclude anyone at anytime without any explanation or refund.

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