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(Jing meridians - Luo collaterals)

Meridians are mapped out energy channels first understood and explored by the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) creators and practitioners.
What are Meridiansthe regular channels
Meridians are energy conduits, most of the meridians connect with organs (ex. liver meridian or stomach meridian etc.) that feed and move chi, nutritive or psychic energy around the body.
How is a Meridian used
Meridians are energy pathways that connect (luo) to organs which rely on natural qi energy balance of the human organism for metaphysical health; should an imbalance of energy happen in one of the organs the body may reflect the imbalance by becoming physically or mentally diseased. The meridians are clustered with energy points along their pathways and correct manipulation of the right energy point, in the right way, for the appropriate amount of time could holistically re-balance the chi organ energy to eliminate illnesses.
Note: organs can also become diseased (other than virus, accident trauma, birth anomalies) through physical or mental illness cause by either internal (anorexia, bulimia, overeating, mental abuse) of external factors (physical abuse, poor diet, gambling, drug addiction).
How many Meridians are there
There are twelve regular meridian (14) channels
1 & 2 - Lung - Large intestine
3 & 4 - Stomach - Spleen
5 & 6 - Heart - Small intestine
7 & 8 - Unitary bladder - Kidneys
9 & 10 - Pericardium - Triple warmer
11 & 12 - Gall bladder - Liver
(13 & 14 - Du Mai and Ren Mai)
Note: 15 meridians if you count the size of the spleen jing luo pericardium 6

Eight extraordinary meridians
The eight extraordinary meridians work closely with the Three Treasures, Emotions, Womb, Brain, Liver and Kidney's. Treatment using the eight channels to balance emotional problems is an advanced technique that should be approached skillfully and with care.
Eight Extraordinary Mentality
The mental aspects of each 8 master acupoints and the possible treatment indications can be viewed at their respective meridian Lung - Large intestine - Stomach - Spleen - Heart - Small intestine - Unitary bladder - Kidneys - Pericardium - Triple warmer - Gall bladder - Liver
Eight Extraordinary Energetic's
The qi energy (from opening the flood gates) that is released through treatment via the seas (and ditches) into the extraordinary systems is very powerful. Extraordinary meridians energy will need to be (qigong - Yin/Yang) fully understood, not taken for granted and used in the right context otherwise the systems could become depleted or damage jing (by draining the seas), creating problems (such as amplifying mental illness and infertility) instead of encouraging balanced health. Indeed, full respect for the life-force energy should be the watchword, after all compared with the universe our lives have the longevity of a mayfly, lets live that day in natural energy of the sun (and moon and earth).
Qi Direction
The direction of all the eight extraordinary channels energy is upwards, from yin to yang.
Note: Warning-the master acu-energy points of the 8 eight extraordinary meridians each have their own treatment applications, but when coupled with its supportive pairing that has its energy flow tapped into the extraordinary seas, the qi energy is amplified expediently (because the coupled points are bipolar), wrong application can drain the seas, therefore if the practitioner is using qi energy through acupuncture needles or via acupressure (draining their own qi) to improve therapeutic outcomes it is important for them to supplement personal qi energy (emotional and physical) through diet, qigong, taiji (qigong walking) and meditation, whilst instructing clients with the same therapies to supplement and improve healing qi energetic's between sessions.

Do the Eight Extraordinary Channels have their own energy points
Of the eight extraordinary channels the Du and Ren channels are the only meridians that have their own regular energy points, all of the other eight extraordinary channels share acupoints with the other meridians.
Note: the Ren and Du Channels can be quoted as either part of the 12 regular meridian system (making 14 regular regular meridians), or part of the 8 extraordinary vessel system (without Du and Ren - 6 extraordinary meridians).

Meridians for mental disorders

1. Ren Mai - vessel of Conception, (Sea of yin meridian)

2. Du Mai - Governing vessel (Sea of yang meridian)

3. Chong Mai - Penetrating vessel (Sea of blood meridian)

4. Dai Mai (girdling vessel)

5. Yin Wei (protective) Mai - Yin nourishing meridian (yin linking vessel)

6. Yang Wei (protective) Mai - Yang nourishing meridian (yang linking vessel)

7. Yin Qiao (motivational) Mai (yin heel "walking/balance" vessel)

8. Yang Qiao (motivational) Mai (yang heel "walking/balance" vessel)

8 Extraordinary Acupuncture Crossroadsbackshu points
Acupuncture points of the eight extraordinary channels cross past and connect with energy points of the twelve (14) regular meridians, and their qi energy manipulation points can be accessed at these energetic crossroads.
What is the purpose of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians
The eight extraordinary channels are like great lakes (or inland seas) of energy that have tides and currents (the 12 regular meridians are a liken to rivers of energy).
When the chi energy system wants to store energy the surplus is poured into the lakes (eight extraordinary channels), and when the regular channels are weak or blocked the eight extraordinary channels are drawn upon as a life support to supplement the main energy systems that connect to organs and throughout the bodies energetic's.
The eight extraordinary channels have an infinity to the kidneys because they circulate Jing qi, and Jing chi (origin of life chi - pre natal chi and post natal chi) resides in the kidneys.
Eight Extraordinary Meridians and Defensive Wei Qi Energy
The eight extraordinary channels encourage and promote wei chi (defensive/protective chi) circulation.
Eight Extraordinary Meridians and Mental Health
The eight extraordinary channels are the go to channels to re-balance the body should all else fail, especially when it comes to mental health, the eight extraordinary channels can act as the psychiatric nurse to the systems.
Qigong and the Eight Extraordinary Channels
the eight extraordinary channels are use extensively through the art of qigong and qigong meditation to promote health and longevity, which, when combined with acupuncture or moxabustion therapies is a powerful tool for physical and mental health problems, especially stress related illnesses and fertility (infertility) dysfunctions.front mu acupoint

Other Meridians

Muscle and Tendon
Muscle and tendon meridians only carry Yang energy (such as ying chi, wei chi), they have no defining meridians, but are more like a fine network of branches that accompany the main meridians, the energy of the qi (ying chi, wei chi) radiates from acu-points that cover the muscles and body surface. Wei chi protects and defends the body from pathogens, viruses and TCM diseases, whilst ying chi seeps in and nourishes the muscles and joints
Divergent channels
, Muscle channels and Cutaneous regions, a fine network of tiny meridians known as Luo, and fifteen connecting channels that connect the twelve regular meridians (Du and Ren channels and an extra connection for the spleen, because of the spleens large energetic functionality it needs two connections).
Total Meridians 27
If all of the main meridians and sub-channels were counted the total meridian vessels would come to approximately 72.

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