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Pushing hands

 Art of Pushing Hands
The art of pushing hands helps to develop a gentle and relaxed pushing movement of the body coupled with a focussed mind, coordinated breathing patterns and partner participation which encourages a progressive conditioned reflex.

Pushing hands also teaches listening skills and meditation in the moment. The type of listening skills explained are learnt and practiced mostly through the sense of touch and slow gentle bio electrical rhythmic movement which helps develop a willingness and understanding to focus on the self and the intentions of your pushing hands partner.

Pushing hands aims are to encourage or establish a desire to put aside personal needs in the moment and listen to the ideas and opinions of the self or the person putting their views across through their actions, in this case pushing hands.
For these reasons pushing hands is the perfect exercise method if used for solo practice, as a meditation or for gentle partner training developing a spirit of team work.

Push hands is a martial arts application as well as a healing tool if applied properly.

Pushing hands teaches the rhythm of movement and the energy of movement for the pusher and listening skills for the receiver, this in turn reveals the way and direction of energy helping to quickly understand and become attuned to the fight during combat and the disrupted flow of energy an illness or disease can create.

Push hands teaches close combat techniques that are difficult to explain but easy to teach, and should only be taught by a competent instructor passing knowledge on to his or her students.

Basic Pushing hands can (and should) be practice by all ages, genders and fitness levels because the practice has no preference or obsticle towards age, gender or pesonality, the practice only teaches and never takes.

Circles to the front
1. Stand relaxed with feet shoulder width apart.

2. Step out to the front into a bow stance and lift
one hand up to about chest level in line with the
centre of the chest.

3. Rotate from the waist and slowly make a large
circle with the raised hand to the left or to the
right forwards and back level across the front of
the body a minimum of 12 times one way then
12 times in the opposite direction.

Changing stance and hand, complete exercise 12 times both ways on this side.

3 Basic paired pushing hands movements

1. Circles to the front.
2. Circles to the side.
3. Figure of eight.

Note: Concentrate on coupled (making the breath as 1 between 2) breathing to co-ordinate the energy of heaven (air) and its movement inside and outside of the body.

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