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Sithali breath for hunger control

Hissing breath 1
Note: this technique should always be taught or learned from a competent
instructor to get full benefits

Sithali (and Sitkari) breathing is different to most of the yogic breathing techniques because you breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose.
Sithali breathing is said to cool the body and bring relief to hunger, thirst and improve tolerance to bring about a youthful, peaceful expression if practiced correctly.
Advice - learn basic breathing meditation technique first or in conjunction with this exercise.
Practice Kalpalabhati breathing to help tone the muscles.

How to do it:learn yoga breathing

1. Place the tongue just outside of the mouth

2. Curl up the sides of the tongue, making the tongue a round shape with a small hole through the centre
Breathe in through the small passage way in the curled tongue as if you were sipping the air through a straw, making a soft hissing noise
Keep Breathing in so it feels like your tummy is moving out (with-out forcing it)
Once your abdomen is fully, comfortably extended fill the chest and clavicle regions close your mouth and hold your breath

3. Draw the tongue in and hold your breath for a long as you comfortably can

4. Breathe out through the nose slowly, breathing out gently empty the clavicle and chest regions first then the abdomen

This counts as 1 time

Note: if you are unable to curl your tongue, then just extend the tongue just outside the lips breathing in over the tongues surface

Practice sithali a minimum of 3 to 10 times or as much as needed to help relieve hunger.

learn yoga breathing
Note: It is important to practice and fully understand basic breathing technique before moving on to the more advanced breathing practices for hunger control (Sithali and Sitkari), muscle toning (Kalpalabhati breathing) and deep meditation breathing for stress release and relaxation (Anuloma viloma).

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