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6 Extraordinary Organs (TCM)

1. Marrow (TCM)
Marrow is connected to the kidneys and has a profound relationship with the brain and spine. The brain and spine are essentially a product of marrow produced by the kidney jing (one of the three treasures) . If marrow is healthy and abundant in the brain, spine and body all will feel light and agile, whilst enjoying a healthy long life.
If marrow is deficient, then blurred vision, tinnitus, dizziness and fatigue with a great desire to lay down will make it obvious.

Brief Marrow Western Medical Anatomy and Actions
Bone marrow comes in two distinct types; red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow which is mainly made up of fat cells. Red blood cells, platelets, and a proportion of white blood cells are a product of red marrow. Each type of bone marrow contains their own blood vessels and capillary networks. A newly born baby's bone marrow is red, but as the body ages some of the red marrow is converted into yellow bone marrow until adulthood arrives which is when approximately half of all adult bone marrow is red, and half the bone marrow is yellow.
Red marrow is located mostly in the flat bones (pelvis, sternum, cranium, ribs, vertebrae and scapulae, and the cancellous at the epiphyseal ends of the long bones, the femur and humerus). Yellow marrow is located in the medullary cavity (which the hollow interior around the middle section of the short bones). During severe blood loss yellow marrow can convert back into red marrow to encourage increased blood cell production.

2. Brain (TCM)
The brain is known as the sea of marrow (one of the four great seas) and has control over the five senses, memory and intelligence.
The heart feeds the brain with blood which nourishes the shen (spirit of the heart) or mental well being and movement. A connection to the liver is also important because of the livers blood stores.
Brain western medical anatomy and actions

the brain is the sea of marrow

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3. Bone (TCM)
Bone problems are an indication of a kidney related dysfunction, because the kidneys control the bones (even the teeth as they are seen as extensions of the bones), the bones also house some of the marrow (along with the brain-sea of marrow). Should jing and marrow become unstable then the body will lose the ability to stand or walk.

Brief Bone Western Medical Anatomy and Actions
Bone is a rigid structural organ which is made of a hard mineralized tissue that is part of the skeleton. Bones help keep the body erect (along with the muscles, tendons and sinews), protect and holds organs in place whilst producing red and white blood cells from bone marrow, bones store some minerals and vitamins, constant mineral and vitamin uptake is needed by the bones to be completely healthy. Bones are structurally honey combed on the inside, whilst at the same time being lightweight, strong and hard, growing into many different shapes and sizes to give the bones a super strength flexible-rigidity.
At birth the body contains approximately 270 bones, some of which fuse during growth and the stages of development until adulthood, with the end total is around 206.

4. Vessels (TCM)
Movement of blood through the vessels are controlled by the heart (but blood is held in the blood vessels by the energy of the spleen).

Brief Blood Vessels Western Medical Anatomy and Actions
Blood vessels are an integral part of the circulatory system which relays blood throughout the body. There are three major types of blood vessels: the arteries, which carry the blood away from the heart; the capillaries, enabling the exchange of water and chemicals from the blood, supplying the tissues and veins, (the veins) which take deoxygenated blood from the capillaries back to the heart.

5. Uterus - Baby Palace (TCM)
The uterus has a deep pre and post natal uterusconnection with jing (essence), the uterus need a good healthy supply of blood, chi and essence to be balanced, which means the uterus is a blood relation to the liver (who stores blood). The kidneys-jing controls the uterus. The uterus has a profound energetic bond with the ren meridian (conception vessel) and the extraordinary vessel chong mai (sea of blood meridian) which both must have a free flow of qi energy and blood for a healthy, full term conception to take place.
Liver and Uterus
When liver blood is weak to the uterus it is shown through sterility and menstrual difficulties.
Kidney and Jing Dysfunctions of the Uterus
Kidney and Jing Dysfunctions will produce reproductive and sexual disorders
Heart and Uterus
The heart and uterus through the action of blood movement (the heart being the blood pump needs to be healthy to work well) and the close connection with shen (mind emotions).

Brief Uterus (Womb) Western Medical Anatomy and Actions
The womb or uterus is the female reproductive sex organ located within the pelvic region in front of the sigmoid colon directly behind the bladder, and consisting of the cervix at the lower end of the uterus which opens into the vagina, whilst at the top of the uterus is the fundus which connects to fallopian tubes. The uterus is an environment where the foetus can live when it develops from a fertile egg that has recieve a sperm, turning from an embryo and growing into a baby that has gestation period of approximatly 40 weeks when full-term. The healthy uterus is a smooth, stretchy bag which is a blood and hormone rich organ that sheds its lining on a monthly cycle.

6. Gallbladder (TCM)
The gallbladder stores bile, it does not correspond with the exterior and it receives water and food in a different way to any other of the fu organs which makes it extraordinary.
Gallbladder western medical anatomy and actions

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