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16 Tai Chi forms

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The sixteen tai chi set evolved from the need to introduce beginners to a set of forms that are easy to learn and practice. The sixteen tai chi set teaches the beginner:
1. Movement and linking of a set of tai chi forms that will help the student to learn the standard forms.
2. Names and positions of a set of forms that are easy and quick to learn.
3. A way to practice a simplified tai chi set without requiring a large space to practice.
Difficult level moves from on the spot tai chi in the 8 forms to a linear movement of the set.

Learning The 16 Tai Chi Chuan Forms
Learn the 16 tai chi forms one section at a time until you have completely learnt the section you are studying. Next move on to the next section and thoroughly learn it, now you can link the learned sections together to make them one.
Learning the forms this way will speed up the time it takes to completely understand the forms movements.

First 8 movements of the 16 forms to learn more buy the PDF or PDF and film

1) Starting form 
2) Part wild horses mane x2 
3) Stork spreads its wings 
4) Brush knee twist step x2
5) Deflect down, parry & punch
6) Withdraw & push
7) Single whip
8) Play the pipa (Chinese guitar) 

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