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About Muay Thai - Thai Kickboxing

The full origins of Muay Thai were lost when the Burmese sacked Siam's capital of Ayutthaya in 1769. Muay Thai reached its height in popularity during the reign of Pra Chau Sua (1703-1709).learn muay thai
Prize fights were regularly held in every village, hands and arms were bound with horse hide to protect the arms-hands and inflict maximum damage to the opponent.
In the 1970's boxing gloves and groin guards were introduced for safety.

Muay Thai Techniques
Muay Thai boxers employ about 30 techniques some of which are shown below:
6 ways of the fist
5 ways of the elbow
7 kicks - pushing and thrusting
5 ways of the foot
3 ways of the knee

Muay Thai Training
Training consists of a strict routine of diet, exercise, bag work and ring work.
Training camps are usually outside except for a few high end professional groups.

Muay Thai Bouts
Fights always begin with a prayer ritual by each fighter. The fight typically consist of five 3 minute rounds with 2 minutes rest in between bouts.
A referee and 2 judges score each round and the winner is decided upon either by points, knockout or the referees decision.
Points are awarded for any legitimate attack that weakens the opponent.
The fight can be stopped if one of the fighters shows lack of fighting spirit or poor technique or a fighter has an injury, this would be known as a "no contest", the referees decision is final and cannot be disputed by anyone.
Fighters are not allowed to attack an opponent when down or head butt, choke, bite, shoulder or hip throw during a contest.

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