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Specialist Weight Management Experience

The Ultimate Metaphysical Weight Loss Class

Lets talk about Weight, Fat, Exercise and the Brain
So you have read every diet book there is, and tried every weight management class/group going and you have lost weight with their guidance, then once you stop going to their classes (or even whilst still attending a class) any weight loss success has been put back on again "plus some".
It is a fact that in the first two weeks of any weight loss plan you can expect to lose around six pounds of weight, the question is why?
The Answer
The answer is that fat cells are around 40% water in structure, and on a restricted diet the fat cells become dehydrated first before any real fat is lost.
Body Structure
Depending on how heavy you are, body structure, height and weight, and weight of the pre-lipid/triglycerides (body fat) fat cell water, weight loss can be around six pounds more or less, this is not real weight loss as the fat cells can re hydrate very quickly, hence two week crash diets are not a long term solution to weight management and tend to lead to long term yo yo dieting.

The body is intelligent and does not want to lose fat energy exercise burning the calories
The body will hang on to those fat cells for as long as possible because human genetics sees fat as energy source that can prolong life during a famine, the intelligent body thought process is an old genetic code that targets life for as long as possible (by storing and clinging on to fat energy) if no food is available, although food is easily available to people living in the countries that are currently going through an established obesity crisis via their obese populations DNA coding has not caught up with a cellular evolutionary growth update process, and so DNA associated with food has not been updated because it takes millenniums of countless births for genetic codes to catch up or have an evolutionary change (see DNA switching).

Natural chemicals (the bodies drugs) released during exercise

The brain and losing weight
The brain has a structure called the limbic system which has a huge impact on emotional decision making, especially moods, feelings of hunger and food cravings. The limbic system is one of the oldest parts of the brain's development in evolutionary terms, so therefore guychi turns to old holistic therapies, such as aromatherapy (olfactory andlimbic system), acupuncture (changing and using natural energetic forces), exercise (hunter-gathering) and hypnotherapy (talking to the subconscious). This type of targeting weight loss is aimed at the mind, body and spirit (three treasures).

Natural chemicals (the bodies drugs) released during exercise

Losing body fat is easy but keeping it off is hard
Losing body fat is easy through good diet and low calorie intake (which is the most important part of any diet), most dieters know what food is good for them, and most diets know how to control a calorie intake, and what the calorific value of what they are eating is, probably down to the very last calorie, dieters usually know what is fat promoting food and what is not (but they still eat high calorie, fatty foods - subconscious emotional eating, peer pressure or traditional etiquette etc).

Natural chemicals (the bodies drugs) released during exercise

Exercise is secondary to calorific intake
Exercise excites the muscles and burns calories, but food intake converts into sugars and fats to feed the bodies engine and brain. Exercise promotes sleep and can encourage balanced hormonal release that can lift a bad mood which may have been brought on by food restriction, therefore exercise is an important part of any diet but food control is the priority structure for weight management and weight loss.

money off for the first 8 people to enrol

What does Aromamasking do
Aromamasking has many fuctions, here are a few:

1. stops odour's or enticing smells from influencing the brain consciously or subconsciously

2. pacifies the limbic system from mood eating

3. retrains the connection of the sight of food (cuts the connection) with the stomach

Aromamasking is a go to technique when food craving become overwhelming

The main culprits of weight gain
The main reasons why we put on weight is because too many ingested calories are being metabolized by the body, in other words the fat people are eating too much calorie dense foods and drinks-Chinese/Indian/fish & chips/kebab/pizza takeaway, drinking fizzy sugar dense pop/high calorie alcohol/rich calorie full coffee etc., all of which are fine in small doses, more than once a week will see anyone become over weight which is a dilemma for most who are stuck on this food treadmill, but there is an alternative to the weight management classes that are around at the moment? the guychi weight management course which uniquely targets the mind, body and spirit (three treasures).
Note: most overweight people have a high metabolic rate because their bodies have to do so much more work to maintain their shape.

6 months of unlimited Beach qigong and taiji classes included in price6 months of unlimited qigong and taiji classes on the beach included in enrollment fee

The guychi weight management course implements new innovative ideas and concepts created by therapists Robin Guy for weight loss that can see you lose pounds and pounds - kilos and kilos of unwanted pure fat over time, the unwanted fat that can sometimes flabbily hang off the body, and the guychi training course will train and show you ways, and techniques how to keep that fat off in the long term not just for a few weeks.

acupuncture cupping moxibustion aromatherapy oils to bring balance and harmony to the back qi (chi, ki)
Cupping & Aromatherapy - Acupunture - Moxabustion

What you get with the guychi weight management course

10 Acupuncture group sessions 60 minutes (includes auricular embedded acupuncture)

10 Hypnotherapy group sessions with positive-phrased suggestions for weight loss 60 minutes

How to use an aromamask with meditation: comes with 200 drops (usually 20p a drop) of eliminate fat aroma mix created by Robin and training in how to use it.

Training in ear seed acupressure: points to help eliminate food cravings 20 - 40 minutes
(Training is at the end of the course with 100 seeds usually 10p a seed, to start you off)

10 Karate Training weekly session
Karatecise Robin is a Black belt first dan in karate, the class will consist of stretching and warming up, punching, kicking plus instruction in self defense techniques with some loud focused kia's (Japanese combat chanting) from the tummy (hara).

money off for the first 8 people to enrolNatural chemicals (the bodies drugs) released during exercise

Resources Pack
All students will recieve 10 masks, 200 drops of Robin's unique groundbreaking aromamask mix to help control food cravings, qigong exercise DVD with subliminal messages for weight loss (and 100 plastered seeds for ear acupressure and training at the end of the course), qigong exercise PDF and lose weight PDF books sent to all student email address.

What is expected of you
Attendees will be expected to arrive on time and bring a yoga mat or exercise mat, plus blanket for the acupuncture and hypnotherapy sessions (unless the sessions are completed sitting in a chair), but it is advisable to bring some sort of cushion to use for laying on.
Loose clothing and flat shoes
Bottle of water

This is an intense course that will take commitment to complete

Maximum 20 persons per class on a first come first serve basis

Cost £350 per person for the full 10 weeks with no refunds
(unless the course does not go ahead, in this case a refund is applicable)

£100 non-refundable deposit on booking your place
(unless the course does not go ahead, in this case a refund is applicable)

This weight management course is for Men and Women

This 10 week course is in Weymouth and Portland Dorset only - all welcome

Book a 10 week course in your area by contacting Robin

Book your place and make that commitment or telephone 07583 94 84 34 for more information

Note: the aromamask mix is not suitable for use with people who have epilepsy

Robin Guy

This course includes a full self defence programme

Terms and conditions of 10% discount

Payment can be made by cash, paypal, postal order or cheque - To receive a 10% discount full payment must be made within the first eight applicants to qualify for the 10% discount, a total payment of only £315 is required (instead of the full payment of £350). Once 10 people have enrolled the course will start.

Terms and conditions of course
Medical disclosure: should any participant have any mental or physical disorders full disclosure must be made to Robin Guy to assess applicants viability to attend the course or recieve acupuncture, hypnotherapy or practice karate-SD (self defense).
If an applicant omitted from any part of the course for whatever reason full payment (with discount if applicable) is still expected, and must be made before any attendance.

email to find out more.

money off for the first 8 people to enrol


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Personal weight loss training

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Having Trouble Sleeping

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Having Trouble Sleeping

Famous Martial Artists
Some of the more well known kung fu artists that are world famous come from being on film or television, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan (wiki - Youtube), Jet Li (wiki - Youtube), Michelle Yeoh (wiki - Youtube) Chinese Kung Fu film and Television stars and the Wing Chun master that these martial some artist studied at one time Ip Man. American and European include Chuck Norris (wiki - Youtube), Lucy Liu (wiki - Youtube), Elvis Presley (wiki - Youtube), John Saxon (wiki - Youtube), Jason Statham (wiki - Youtube), Dwayne Johnson (wiki - Youtube), Jean Claude Van Damme (wiki - Youtube) and David Carradine (wiki - Youtube) to name but a few.

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