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Lungs-Largeintestines - Stomach-Spleen - Heart-Smallintestine - Unitarybladder-Kidneys - Pericardium-Tripleheaters - Gallbladder-Liver

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Development of
Traditional Chinese Medicine

The One - (Wu Chi)
In the beginning of creation was the one energy (nameless).
To create man, women, the birds, plants, creatures of the seas including the 10 thousand things (everything) the One had to split into Two, Yin and Yang; to energetically form and produce nature and the universe.

Yin and Yang (two cosmic regulators)

Sympathetic (CNS)
Left side of the body
Back of the body
Upper part of the body
Moving forwards
Moving upwards
Outside of the body
Outside of a cell
Left side of the brain
Planets & stars
Large Intestine
Small Intestine
Unitary Bladder
Three Heaters
Gall Bladder
The future

Yang Function
Spleen sends Chi into an upward direction
Liver disperses energy
Kidneys grab Chi energy, holding it down

the dragon acends to heaven in accord with Yang


the tai chi tu


yin dragon

Parasympathetic (CNS)
Right side of the body
Carbon monoxide
Front of the body
Lower part of the body
Moving backwards
Moving downwards
Inside of the body
Inside of a cell
Right side of the brain
Old age
The Past

Yin Function
Stomach sends Chi into a downward direction
Kidneys store energy
Lungs sends Chi energy down to circulate

As earth-bound living beings we accept yang chi from heaven (breath-air) and ingest yin chi from the earth (food-drink), heaven chi energy and earth chi energy combine to develop into the bodies chi, which its life-force chi energy moves and flows through the meridians and systems (blood vessels, tendons, bones, organs etc) nourishing all to sustain holistic internal and external metaphysical health
Complete heaven/earth nourishing healthy chi can become damaged through external environmental anomalies or internal (emotional disturbances etc) dysfunctions.

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Yin and Yang and what this means:
The explanation and basic theory of universal yin/yang balance comes from a time (about 3000BCE) when people and sages (wise people) sat around within nature (and their was a lot of nature around in them days), discussed and contemplated on the matters of man and the universe.
They meditated on their version of the big bang (creation, the One) and what happened after that, well they came up with some good and bad ideas after much thought (like we all do), one concept was that all in nature and the universe had two parts to be complete, they (sages) labeled one part yin and the other part yang, but that the two energetic's were internally and externally dynamic, and intrinsically interconnected which were constantly changing, evolving, completing and destroying each other, everything had its opposite but always had a little bit of the opposite perpetually somewhere within itself (qigong and the taiji forms of qigong walking conform to these ideas).

Human example of Yin and Yang
The dynamics of yin and yang within the human chromosomes; an (unfertilized) human egg for example is first female-yin, the egg is usually XX (female assigned X/female-yin and X/female-yin) until it receives the male-yang sperm which can be either X or Y (yin or yang), in this case the sperm is predominantly Y, the Y chromosome when introduce to the egg will then turn off and replace one of the female X chromosomes to create a male child (damn cuckoo) XY chromosome (X/female-yin and Y/male-yang), this does not mean that the child's mentality will always develop to be male or female (no answer for that, only the universe knows Y or is it X), but it does mean they have been physically gender assigned by nature (unless science fiddles with it) and the gender assign of XY's are interconnected by nature at a yin/yang cellular level.
XY across nature
The chromosome XY natural formulation yin and yang event happens right across nature, the universe, and all things in creation, but can change depending on how you view that particular yin and yang exchange when looking at it; a bird flies in the air-yang, the bird is airborne-yang, the bird is heavy-yin and decends-yin but it is a gliding decent that is carried by the updrafts-yang, wafting from a solid rock face-yin that is a high mountain-yang. The surface of the skin is yang but the inner surface of the skin is yin, the arteries are yang but the blood is yin, blood is moved by qi (natural energy) which is yang, but goes deep into the inner body which is yin, once the yang oxygen is taken out of the blood the blood then becomes more yin to move through the yin veins to the yin lungs to receive yang oxygen to go on to the yin heart which is then yang pumped by the yin heart to yang re circulate the yin fluid (blood) to nourish the yin bones etc. So many factors of yin and yang to consider!

Yin and Yang and Disease
How metaphysical and spiritual diseases are correctly dealt with takes a lot of consideration, thought and deliberations concerning the qualities of a disorder's yin and yang and how a disease progresses, finding the right therapeutic formula for the jing-lou yin yang imbalance, and the best procedure to tackle the imbalance to re-harmonize the individuals health to a natural state.
Diagnosis root cause
Part of the diagnosis of an imbalance is the subject of the next stage and tool that Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis uses to discover the root causes of a disharmony (disease), and suggestions on how to make the body/mind holistically harmonious (disease free) once more.
Note: TCM treatment that is only concerned with dealing with symptoms i.e. got a back-ache, so stick needles in the back does not address the underlying symptoms that first caused the problem (back-ache, headache, heart attack etc.), true TCM diagnosis and treatment takes time, skill and the end treatment progresses to become metaphysically holistic (whole person), symptoms are only one piece of the puzzle, good TCM diagnosis and treatment puts the pieces together to see the whole picture of the puzzle.

Lungs-Largeintestines - Stomach-Spleen - Heart-Smallintestine - Unitarybladder-Kidneys - Pericardium-Tripleheaters - Gallbladder-Liver

Are you Yin or Yang

Answer the questions and discover if you are a Yin (passive) or Yang (active) type, or you may even be a little bit of both:

Yang Types:acupuncture points
Self-confident? Thirsty all the time? Dry skin, dry throat and nose? Are you masculine? Itchy nose and eyes? Thin and just cannot put on weight? Like the outdoors? Have a lot of energy? Can work long hours without getting tired? Cannot just fall asleep anywhere? Sweaty feet and hands? Hot body? Prefer summer to winter? Like cold drinks instead of hot? ruddy complexion? Constipated? Little urine that smells and is reddy/yellow colour? Impatient and restless? High blood pressure? High spirited? High sex drive.

If you are looking for a partner that has things in common with you, and you are yang, look for people with yang traits and if you want a yin type look for yin traits.
But remember sometimes opposites attract.

Yin Types:
Are you rarely thirsty? Do you like hot drinks more that cold drinks? Is your wee clear? Are your stools soft? Are you feminine? Are you overweight? Is food more interesting than sex, or just as good? Like being in doors? Tire easily? Do you get cold easily? Are you lazy? Do you prefer winter to summer? Do you easily fall asleep anywhere? Do you have a low sex drive? Do your joints hurt in the cold or wet weather? Are you sad and depressed a lot? Pale complexion? Low voice, quiet voice.

Can you change from yin to yang or yang to yin?
A yin person can become more yang and a yang person can become more yin especially if you have some foresight into what you are at the moment, its easier to change something if you know what it is you actually want, or need to change.

Qigong-Tai Chi and the Cosmos
Exert from the Huang Ti Nei Ching Sun Wen
(yellow emperor's guide to internal medicine) Ilza Veith translation
Energy changes:
“The principle of Yin and Yang is the basis of the entire universe. It is the principle of everything in creation. It brings about the transformation to parenthood; it is the root and source of life and death.
“Heaven was created by an accumulation of Yang; the Earth was created by an accumulation of Yin"
“The ways of Yin and Yang are to the left and to the right. Water and Fire are the symbols of Yin and Yang".
Yin and Yang are the source of power and the beginning of everything in creation.
Yang ascends to heaven; Yin descends to Earth. Hence the universe (Heaven and Earth) represents motion and rest, controlled by the wisdom of nature. Nature grants the power to beget and grow, to harvest and to store, to finish and to begin anew.”
The constant interaction of the two basic elements is described in the following paragraph:
“Everything in creation is covered by heaven and supported by the Earth. When nothing has as yet come forth the Earth is called: ‘the place where Yin dwells’; it is also known as the Yin within Yin. Yang supplies that which is upright while Yin acts as the ruler of Yang.” Yang stands for the sun, heaven, day, fire, heat dryness, light and many other related subjects; Yang tends to expand, to flow upwards and outwards. Yin stands for moon, earth, water, night, cold, dampness and darkness; Yin tends to contract and flow downwards.
As heaven, Yang sends fertility in the form of the sun (and rain) upon the earth; hence heaven’s relation to Earth is like that of man and wife the man being Yang and the wife being Yin.
Yang represents the positive and Yin represents the negative. It must be always borne in mind that Yin and Yang were conceive as one entity and that both together were ever-present. Day changed into night, light into darkness, spring and summer into fall and then winter followed by the spring. From these, the most striking and regular manifestations, it was deduced that all happenings in nature as well as in human life were conditioned by constantly changing relationship of the two cosmic regulators known as Yin and Yang. But the general application of this ever-present duality also led to the realisation that neither of the components ever existed in an absolute state and the concept arose that within Yang was always contained some Yin and within Yin was contained some Yang.

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Lungs-Largeintestines - Stomach - Spleen - Heart-Smallintestine - Unitarybladder-Kidneys - Pericardium-Tripleheaters - Gallbladder-Liver

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Personal or small group instruction only - venue of your choice (home or hall or outside).

Specializing in Qigong and Taiji (chigong walking) Qi therapy and Taiji healing techniques

What do you want to learn
Is there a particular Taiji form or Qigong exercise routine you want to learn? let me know and I will tailor the session to that request.

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Sessions/classes booked outside of the Weymouth & Portland area have an extra fee attached for expenses.
Please email to discuss further your lesson plan and fees.

Sessions can consist of Qigong only or Tai Chi Chuan only or Qigong &Taiji.
The session can also a be pre-arranged exercise set chosen from one of the guychi films or books

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