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37 Cheng Man Ching Introduction

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About Cheng Man Ching
Cheng Man Ching (first introduced Tai Ji to America in the late 1960's early 70's) was a prolific tai chi master that was disciplined in the five excellencies - medicine, art, poetry, calligraphy & tai chi.
Cheng Man Ching was an archetypal tai chi master that was a master of all the internal arts, to the Chinese he would be considered a perfect man completely at peace with himself. Cheng took up tai chi because he was a weak sickly child, tai chi had blessed him with strength and peacefulness. 
When Cheng Man Ching came to the west he wished to pass on his incredible skills to western people so that they could benefit from the beautiful art of tai chi.
Cheng Man Ching knew that to learn the Yang long forms took a long time.
The western fast pace of life and thinking would deter people from taking the time out to learn tai chi long forms, so he broke down the long form of 108 postures into 37 simple postures (and 28 repetitions).
This made the learning of the forms more inviting plus it allowed the novice to get a taste of the long form, which they might learn at a later date with ease because of their knowledge learnt through discovering the subtle skills of the Cheng Man Ching yang style tai chi 37 forms.

*Note: A 37 Tai Ji Forms Variation was create by one of Cheng Man Ching's students (Dr Chi Chiang-Tao, he introduced Tai Ji in to the UK around the early 1970's) that wanted to include golden needle at sea bed because it is an important chi stimulating form that he felt should be included in the 37 Tai Ji Chuan set.

37 Form Names/Numbers
1) Preparation
2) Raise water
3) Ward off
4) Ward off right
5) Roll back
6) Press
7) Push
8) Single whip
9) Lift hands
10) Lean forward (strike with the shoulder)
11) Stork spreads it's wings
12) Brush knee twist step
13) Play the pipa
14) Deflect down, intercept & punch
15) Withdraw and push
16) Crossing hands
17) Embrace tiger & return to mountain
18) Fist under elbow
19) Step back to repulse the monkey (right style)
20) Step back to repulse the monkey
(left & right style)
21) Diagonal flying
22 - 23) Wave hands in clouds
(left & right style)
24) Squatting single whip
25) Golden pheasant stands on one leg (right style)
26) Golden pheasant stands on one leg (left style)
27) Separate right foot
28) Separate left foot
29) Turn and strike with the heel
30) Brush knee twist step
31) Step forwards and punch
32) Fair lady weaving the shuttle (1&2)
33) Fair lady weaving the shuttle (3&4)
34) Step forward to seven stars
35) Step back to ride the tiger
36) Turn and kick the lotus
37) Bend the bow to shoot the tiger

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