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Hapkido martial arts are popular in th USA but are not common place in the United Kingdom, so if you find a club in your area why not go along and give Hapkido a try, Hapkido just might be the right martial art for you.
Meditation has traditionally been the cornerstone to any good martial art.

Hapkido is a Korean martial art which is a fusion of karate (for power), judo (for gentle leverage) and aikido (for ki (chi) power). Hapkido students are taught a mobile rhythm of fighting by learning to be like water, flowing all around or over the attacker and penetrating every element of the attack, when the attack is strong it is absorbed, when the attack is weak then the counter-attack is decisive and powerful. A large proportion of hapkido techniques resemble that of aikido, this may be because the forms originated from Daito-ryu aiki-jutsu, Morihei Ueshiba developed aikido from this famous style of Japanese Jujitsu.

Hapkido was created in the 1960's by Yong Shul Choi who had previously studied Daito-ryu aiki-jutsu for many years in Japan. In 1939 Choi combined aiki-jutsu with Korean martial arts hwarang-do and the kicking art of taekyon.

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