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What is Guychitaichi
guychitaichi is a way of developing a complete metaphysical relating to Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation concepts that can be applied to all styles of QigongTaiji, guychitaichi evolves the forms first by teaching a muscle memory learning exercise QigongTaiji, developing the style to controlled muscles, deep breathing-form exercise which is connected to the minds subconscious, learned muscle memory QigongTaiji, then next following the breath using the mind/brain until skill starts to develop of its own accord and shen grows through continual practice, whilst safeguarding the mind from meditation dangers.

A New Beginners class
Zen Meditation - Qigong and Mindful Taiji 10 week course

email - or tel: 07583 94 84 34 to book a place

Summer Outside Training
10am Sunday's till end of August £5p/p
All Welcome
(1 hour-Weather permitting)

Guychi offers a unique insight into meditation via learning the tai chi forms; indeed, normal tai chi training consists of following the instructor and picking-up the basics. However, guychitaichi training is an intended mindful meditation in-training (mental/physical) connections from class one, with a focus on mind/body in the moment-a joining-with-movements to place the practitioner into the now, or present moment. This can be scary for some people because it means letting go of the past and future whilst learning something in the moment that could confuse the psyche. Indeed, this type of instruction is focused on the union of mental health connection whilst letting go of bodily tensions and rebuilding a metaphysical relationship, and can sometimes bring repressed stress to the surface which was, previously, a psychic disconnection.

guychitaichi technique is a relearning controlled muscle relaxation that synchronizes the mind, body and spirit (three treasures) with all of the energies surrounding the body, and muscle motivation falls away into a holistic meditation in movement (Qigong).
guychitaichi fosters hormonal development, joint, skeletal health, body weight management if needed along with understanding efficiency of movement and mind focused relaxation to encourage overall good health and longevity.

Please feel free to explore, learn and enjoy this site and if you are in the area come and join in a class. emailmetofindoutmore or go to inside classes which are United Kingdom based

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Taiji Class

Private Tuition, Instruction or Training, Taichi and Qigong Meditation/Mindfulness

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Outside Chigong/Taichi meditation mindfulnessoutside qigong and taiji classes
part wild horses maneGuychitaichi is mindfulness tai chi chuan (tai chi (chee) chuan:
Mindfulness Qigong and tai chi chuan (A.K.A. Walking Qigong) explores tai chi meditation through practice of the forms and how to apply meditation through the application of tai chi chuan focused awareness.
The art of mindfulness tai chi involves applying a combination of deep physical relaxation, focused mind (meditation) and meridian stimulation through precise movement, posture and technique.
Meditation safeguards
All students are made aware of the dangers of meditation and mindfulness through opening the thoughts via mindful instruction, and are taught techniques through diligent instruction to safeguard against development of any form meditational psychosis.

Tai Chi Chuan-Qigong and Health

One of the main aims of
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Taiji - Qigong - Meditation
is to activate the bodies own natural healing processes

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Qigong and Taiji intelligence
Correct practice and instruction of taiji and chi gong will put the mind/body in a controlled right brain-parasympathetic state with an increase of heart rate, lung-oxygen uptake, peristaltic movement, sweat, mental activity and saliva production (these tend to be a yin left brain and sympathetic nervous system alarm responses), which in this case can be considered a positive energy crossover sympathetic/parasympathetic stress activity, and if taught correctly is holistically healthy, health promoting metaphysically for the practitioner, and for a group situation, which may also allow a collective brain synchronization of everyone attending the group, brain waves synchronize as the taiji and chi gong class progresses brain's, subconsciously start be move at the same electrical frequency.

Guychitaichi trainedguychitaichi
The guychitaichi trained meditation in movement method should also encourage the brain's limbic system stimulation of memories and emotions associated with the memory process, understanding and letting go of negative triggers as stress (yang) levels lower and more control is exercised on emotional rollercoster highs (yang) and lows (yin) by learning to release the ego in the moment (don't worry you'll get it back).

Intelligent Qigong and Taiji
To fully achieve all the above, taiji and chi gong must have good solid training procedures and drills which need to be followed by the students and metaphysically corrected by the instructor using mindful instruction and hands on physical movement of students arms, legs and sometimes corrections of strange shapes and positioning, and should such training etiquette and practices be firmly established, and readily accepted by students in every class, then students can quickly gain internal and external progress, otherwise doing (as opposed to being) tai chi chuan and chi gong would have a similar therapeutic effect to taking the dog for a long walk or learning a dance routine, and taiji and chi gong (TCM) offer far more than that, (no offence meant to dog walkers or dancers).

Learn from a good teacherbox the ears preparation
Self taught or poor instruction taiji!!!
Learning taiji and chi gong without accurate instruction is like looking at the picture of a great chicken (or vegetarian) dish, trying to copy that dish without using chicken or a recipe, whilst making the food look photo identical to the one in the picture, except for when you taste the food, it tastes nothing like it should, the dishes textures are all wrong, and the outcome of eating the meal is very bland and unpalatable, may even give you food poisoning.
It's really pot luck if you get your taiji/qigong right (within the first 10 years), and how would you know?
Correct taiji instruction!!!
If individuals are taught to prepare, cook and serve the food (great chicken/vegetarian dish) by a highly trained talented chef, with all the correct ingredients (including the chicken or veggy substitute) you won't get food poisoning and the food will taste great every time.
Importance of good instructor training!!!
To learn tai chi chuan and chi gong, learn from a good, knowledgeable (not just book knowledge) teacher and your taiji and chi gong will not be bland, will help keep you fit and healthy in the mind, body and spirit.

Learning and understanding qigong should be understood and practiced by all therapists who use chi energy as a healing medium, without practical qi knowledge, therapeutic application becomes a weakened, half therapy

Distance Taiji and Qigong instruction box the ears
If you would like to distance learn tai chi chuan and chi gong from Robin Guy please email to discuss your training needs and price of course, which would include a group grading (on a grading day) and qualification if required.

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Beginners class consists of: Tai Chi basics and Qigong exercise routines

If you want to learn Taiji and Qigong quickly and professionally
one to one personal instruction sessions are the best way to go
Telephone or Text: 07583 94 84 34 to book a session(s)
Contact - email to enquire or book a session(s)

Telephone or Text: 07583 94 84 34 to book a session(s)
Contact - email to enquire or book a session(s)

I also teach a 4 hour Taiji/Qigong workshop to other Taiji/Qigong clubs
Telephone or Text: 07583 94 84 34 to book a session(s)
Contact - email to enquire or book a session(s)

About Chi and guychitaichi instruction
Full Training in learning/using chi (ki) of the Heavens and Earth, controlling and guiding chi (ki) in the body, learning to build and understand (external/internal) relationships with the mind - body, how to promote the use of chi (ki), guiding chi (ki), manipulating, exploring and discovering chi (ki) energy, what chi is about with a focus on correct application of the forms and learning to connect meditation with Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong forms, using meditation as a trigger throughout the day whilst maintaining and encouraging a chi promoting (Jing meridians - Luo collaterals) posture throughout the lessons are fully observed as an integrated part of all guychitaichi training and instruction sessions.heal kick

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