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Chipregnancy (chee - pregnancy)

Chipregnancy book and films has been developed for a pregnant couple or single parent as a suggestion or collective idea for exercise, diet, meditation, information and helpful techniques to be used towards the creation of a healthy full term baby (+ parents). includes information about pre-eclamcia, post natal depression, breech birth, emergency birth a collection of needed technical knowledge and suggested actions.

It is usually difficult for a partner (who is not pregnant) to be fully part of the energy system and natural connection of a pregnancy simply because it is the pregnant woman and the pregnant woman's body that has to do the all really hard work for 9 months to produce that bundle of joy.
Partner Participation
Chipregnancy incorporates techniques that will allow a (birthing) partner to develop a sense of energy, feel of the energy of the mother and child, which is a focused intuitive complimenting non-invasive natural and intellectual energy on and towards the woman and growing baby, with detailed instruction and ideas that give an opportunity to help not only with the 40 week/9 month trimester birthing process, but help right up to when and at the moment the infant is born.

Elements of Chipregnancy:
The 10 Yijinjing (muscle and tendon changing) exercise program has been developed to aim for important key areas that are affected during pregnancy, to inform, teach and analyze events and changes during pregnancy and to promote an intelligent understanding with a positive spin/outcome of a pregnancy with the end product being a healthy, complete pregnancy for the whole family.

10 Yijinjing Qigong and pregnancy:
Muscles and tendons that hold joints in place become loose because of hormonal changes, the 10 Yijinjing exercise focus is on tendon and muscle strengthening and co-ordination

10 Yijinjing improves general circulation through movement and exercises that flex the calf muscles used in the 10 Yijinjing routine help promote better circulation to the heart because of calf muscles contraction and expansion during the movements which encourage and help pump venal blood (un oxygenated blood) back up the body towards the heart and lungs for re-energizing by the main organs

The 10 Yijinjing chigong exercises may through regular practice help to flush and balance the lymphatic system encouraging elimination of oedema throughout the pregnancy
Oedema - water retention in the legs can be eased to some extent by leg and heel lifting exercises, helping to control (sometimes painful) water pooling in the lower limbs
Water retention in the hands and fingers may also be negated with regular 10 Yijinjing exercises

Depression - Baby Blues
Exercise can be a feel good mood promoter because positive endorphins are released into the brain during exercise, it seems that exercise can sometimes bring relief to depression and stress

Physical Strength during pregnancy
The 10 Yijinjing sitting postures focus on the upper body, lower back, buttocks, knees, legs and ankles all which need to be strong for mobility and body movement control during pregnancy

The 10 Yijinjing exercise forms can be integrated with balanced, controlled breathing with a focus on exercising the pelvic floor muscles to keep them healthy and strong for during pregnancy and once the baby has been born

The 10 Yijinjing can be difficult and challenging set of exercises the first few times, and beginners will feel that their arms/shoulders have been exercise but persistence will bring strength and improved vitality

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I advise all practitioners to start slowly learning the 10 forms

For the first few weeks only complete 5 repetitions of one set of forms (either sitting leg raising or sitting heel raising) until the arms and legs start to become stronger, then build up to the full set until you can complete both sitting 10 Yijinjing set of chigong forms in one go

Baby names
The Chipregnancy PDF contains hundreds of baby names to pick and choose from

Chipregnancy diary
The Chipregnancy PDF also has a full 40 week diary to add entries too, with most diary days containing important pregnancy/baby development dates and events to follow during the 3 trimesters

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