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There are many products and therapies that claim to give a good nights sleep, and some work for the sort term and some may work for some people all the time.


I offer a sleep consultancy for those who cannot sleep. A resetting of your sleep clock pattern.
No addictive drugs, No strange unrecognized therapies, Yes friendly personable treatment!
No matter how difficult or how many therapies, or snake oils that have not worked for you over the years I guarantee 100% effort to try to produce 100% results.
I will try a combinations of strategic therapies, exercise and diet until we have success, which is a regular good nights sleep.

I use sound science based sleep advice, (see below) Hypnosis, Acupuncture
(moxibustion and cupping),
Diet, Chi gong, Taiji, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Acupressure that is aimed at getting that body clock back to an holistic (whole-person) balance so that sleep comes naturally using some or all of the above therapies.

Note: Not all the above therapies are used only therapies agreed upon after a about Robin Guytreatment plan has been mapped out, and possible treatment techniques have been agreed.

Contact to find out more

Please try the sleep inducing techniques below for a few weeks and if they are not quite enough email me ( give me a call/telephone on 07583 94 84 34 to have a chat about a consultation and treatment.

Robin Guy's treatment for insomnia
1. Treatment starts with understanding your daily lifestyle, sleep patterns and how you approach sleep, dietary information and the health of your environment.

2. Treatment plan discussion

3. Application of treatment plan

Note: the sleep inducing techniques shown on this page are only a very small taster part of of the huge arsenal of techniques to help invoke a healthy, normalized sleep pattern.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sleep: about sleep

(TCM) has a name for most sleep problems but the way the name (dysfunction) is metaphorically explained tends not to answer the question because of the manner the answer justified:
TCM examples of sleep disorders - excessive yang or yin, deficient or liver chi disrupting the energy of the heart shen (soul of the heart), deficiency of heart-yin and spleen chi and uncoordinated qi between the heart and kidneys.
Trained Therapist
The TCM questions can be answered by a trained therapist in TCM using Yin Yang, 5 element theory, excess and deficiency and internal/external theory, applying therapeutic Acupuncture, Acupressure, Cupping, Moxabustion, Chigong and Taiji (Tai Chi Chuan) Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy. So it is important to use a qualified fully trained therapist when seeking treatment.

Sleep is mostly a right brain hemisphere activity

Day to Day Activity is largely controlled by the brains
left hemisphere

Sleep Advice and Training

Advice on how to approach the sleep instruction training:
Before jumping into the deep end I strongly advise you approach and learn each sleep promoting exercise one at a time over a period of at least a week for each of the sleep training sessions.
The reason for this is that if you need to use these exercises to go to sleep by, then you probably have poor sleeping patterns and have had them for years.
The bad sleep patterns will take time to erase as they have become part of your psycho-physical makeup, they will need to be replaced with good healthy confident sleeping patterns, and this is a training/learning process that the mind will rebel against, you will have to tame your mind/body back into good sleeping habits which will take time and patience.

Acupuncture-Moxabustion-Cupping-Acupressure-Taiji-Qigong-Aromatherapy-Hypnotherapy therapy by Robin treatment enquiries (

To Afraid of not sleeping to go to sleep:yarning preparation for sleep
Read the instructions to each advised session carefully and relaxed, do not rush anything or overdo it, each exercise should be approached with a feeling of fun and peacefulness, if you have not been sleeping right for years then each time you go to bed you will have a sense of fear, the fear of not sleeping, let go of this fear and work through the exercises, because you will never sleep properly if you are afraid you will not sleep!
Just being afraid
Being afraid from events of the past, present and future that are real should be dealt with by the correct authority, but if it is a past danger that is unlikely to happen again, the sleep meditation will place your mind/brain in the present moment of "being" to bring peace, if it is a future danger that has not happened yet the sleep meditation will also help by placing your thoughts in the now, if it is immediate danger tell someone and get help to bring relief from the current stress threat.
Note: A good nights sleep will put your brain on top form and can help with weight loss, make the skin glow with beauty and keep those wrinkles at bay for many years.

Sleep patterns: about sleep
If you have natural sleep patterns disrupted because of (negative or positive) stress or any unidentified reason. This can cause you not getting a good deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep making you feel tired and irritable all the time (like a bear with a sore head).
Once your sleep pattern has become disturbed it may be difficult to re-establish a daily natural body clock pattern that will give you the required sleep you holistically need each night, to wake-up feeling energized and ready to go.
To get your body to learn or re-learn good sleep behaviour patterns consider and try some of the foods/drinks, exercises and suggestions I have written out below

Hormones and sleep:
Two of the main hormones associated with sleep are Melatonin and Cortisol? if these hormones are disrupted then sleep can be difficult to access. Melatonin is needed to trigger sleep; and id usually triggered by the sun going down or darkness. Cortisol has a defined process that is associate with how energetic we feel during the day and night.

Sleeping position: about sleep
Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong (working with energy) takes an holistic (whole person) approach to all living things with-in the natural world and one of these considerations is the sleeping position that is adopted when preparing to go to sleep, all animals and plant life go to sleep as part of the circle of life, trees can sleep for decades standing upright in the air, some animals hibernate for months sleeping in a natural position hardly moving, they all have established sleep patterns written into their DNA just like we do, we just need to locate the patterns and rebuild a relationship with them to naturally sleep a good sleep.

Recommended sleep position:
It is strongly recommended that you adopt sleeping on your back as a first choice* sleeping position and laying on the right side as the secondary sleeping position, and just in case you are unable to sleep on the right side or the back use the left as a final alternative.
If you lay on the left side as a sleeping position the liver which is a large organ located under the lower ribs (right side) may put pressure on the heart possibly disrupting its mechanism spiritually and physically.
learn to sleep
email Robin Guy to find out more, and how you can be helped with sleep
Sleeping on the front puts pressure on the lungs (leading to shallow breathing), heart and internal organs, and sleeping on the front leads to possible neck and spine pain due to the awkward twisted position the head has to be positioned in for the mouth and nose to breathe freely.
*Sleeping on the back is not recommended during pregnancy because weight pressure of the growing placenta or baby exerted on the arteries of the trunk could cause a problem to blood flow through the torso (limbs and organs ) of the body - learn more at chipregnancy.
Snoring: if you suffer from a snoring a problem then it may be because you are one of those people that cannot sleep on their back without snoring (or your airways may be narrowed or blocked in which case see a doctor), if this is you, you must sleep on your side as this could help with a better breathing angle to free your airways.
Side Sleeper Training
To stop you rolling onto your back buy some tights and a tennis ball, place the tennis ball in the tights and tie the tights around your body so that the ball is on your mid-back. If you should roll onto your back from the side-asleep position, then the ball poking you in the back will wake you up, allowing you to move onto your side once more. When you have got use to sleeping on your side you can stop using the ball and tights.
Note: The best sleep position is the one that will give you a full, good-night's sleep!!!

Sleep and breath:
When a normal sleeper goes to sleep they slowly establish a naturally deeper, more peaceful, slower breathing pattern to naturally encourage the sleep process. When in bed, just laying there teach yourself to slowly breathe, just as if you are a sleeping person (even if you are not asleep) to encourage the brain into thinking the body is entering the sleeping levels of brain wave activity, tricking the brain (and body) to enter a sleeping mode.
Deliberately practice the breath effortlessly (as effort will keep you awake) slow/deep sleep breathing sleep effortless exercise to help you drop off into a peaceful slumber.
Note: If you get fed up or bored with breathing like this, just hold your breath for 10 to 15 minutes with your mouth tightly shut, whilst holding your nostrils closed with a finger and thumb, and I promise that whilst doing this exercise you will realize breathing is probably the most exciting, effortless and enjoyably important thing you will ever do whilst you are alive.

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Acupuncture-Moxabustion-Cupping-Acupressure-Taiji-Qigong-Aromatherapy-Hypnotherapy therapy by Robin treatment enquiries (

Breathing pattern exercise: about sleep
As you lay down in your bed consciously start to slow your breath, allowing the breath to become relaxed into a slowing, deeper, unforced sleeping breath, even and deep with your mind effortlessly completely focused on the breath (but not focused, sort of looking out of the corner of your eye, you know something is there but you ignore it, a peripheral type of breathing).
If your thoughts start to deviate from your breathing pattern and other thoughts enter your mind just gently acknowledge those thoughts then simply let your thoughts return back to your focus on the sleeping breath.
Note: The mind never stops thinking so to ignore a thought is counter-productive as a conflict will be created in the mind/brain keeping you awake, so it is far better to gently guide a thought away from the thinking mind (you could effortlessly image the invasive thought as a balloon or a fluffy cloud floating away), then drop back into the sleep-breath task once you can focus on the breath undisturbed, this disruption will happen over and over again until you have trained the mind to learn to just simply let unnecessary thoughts go, become one with this sleep/breath exercise, and act upon, use the breath pattern exercise when the need arises (probably every night).

Physical exercise and sleep: about sleepcorrect energy exercises can stimulate sleep
Exercise is well known to have a mild mood lifting effect on the mind, body and spirit because when you exercise you release natural feel good hormones and endorphins. The release of endorphins and hormones are well known, and are medically accepted strategies to help eliminate or lift a mild depressive mood (being depressed can keep you awake).
Getting enough exercise increases the heart rate which promotes good blood circulation and encourages hormonal balance which will help the body and mind through effort to become generally fatigued enough for it to want to enter the re-charging phase known as sleep.

Sleep and diet: about sleep
Your diet including smoking, drinks and when you eat could radically change your sleeping patterns, and whilst some ingested oral activities stop sleep keeping the mind and body awake because they stimulate, some foods and drinks may have the absolute opposite effect by naturally inducing relaxation and encouraging the mind and body to enter the sleep phase more easily.
Smoking and drinking alcohol will have detrimental effect on the way the body goes to sleep, and usually heavy smokers/drinkers never have a full nights re-charging REM deep sleep, and can only achieve a light sleeping mode at best.

Healthy sleeping: about sleep
To help promote healthy sleep patterns eat unprocessed food avoiding E-numbers when you can, being sure your diet includes plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, water and a good protein source.
If you are healthy physically through eating good food and exercising regularly then you become holistically balanced mentally and physically simply because your brain and body should be receiving good healthy physical exercise with plenty of nourishing vitamins, minerals and is not De-hydrated.
If you have to eat in the evening or late at night choose to eat lettuce, celery or cherries.
Lettuce, celery and cherries are well-known for their sleep promoting abilities.
If you are really hungry and just have to eat, eat porridge or a medley of steamed vegetables to fill you up!
Just be strong and stay away from the unhealthy high in fat and sugar junk foods or drinks.
check with a doctor first
Your Doctor and sleep:
Any sleeping problems could have an underlying serious medical condition.
If you suffer from sleeplessness you should go to your doctor first to discuss, and rule out, find out if you have a treatable medical dysfunction that may be the cause of your insomnia.
Please notify your Doctor before any treatment by Robin Guy as disclosure of any underlying medical conditions should be fully understood before any treatment or consultation.
If you suffer from the condition of restless legs (RSL restless legs syndrome) and this is keeping you awake it could be a sign that you may be pregnant or suffering from iron-deficient anemia, kidney failure, Parkinson's disease, diabetes mellitus or rheumatoid arthritis. Prescription drugs such as antidepressants, calcium channel blockers, anti psychotics and antihistamines may also cause RSL. Find out by visiting your doctor to check.

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Basic sleep Yes and No's:

Yes exercise on a regular basis.

Yes be sure you expose your eyes to sunlight (without sunglasses ) in the morning (see YECIM)

Yes practice self and applied acupressure, self relaxation, drink 2 litres of water daily.
Note: Do-not drink more than 2 - 3 litres a day as too much water intake during a 24 hour period can wash important health giving vitamins and minerals out of the body-system causing all sorts of metaphysical problems.

Yes keep a regular sleep routine. Go to bed and wake up (get up) about the same time each day. Follow the natural Circadian rhythm (Wikipedia) body clock.

Yes wear bed-socks if your feet get cold

Yes get black-out curtains, shutters or blinds to completely darken the room.

Yes part by part relaxation followed by a sleep-promoting countdown (below).

Yes sleep in 100% natural cotton sheets and pillow cases that are cleaned regularly.

Yes make your bedroom clean and uncluttered, tidy, warm and well ventilated.

Yes have a warm soak in the learn to sleepbath (un-scented soap and shampoo) half hour before bed-time. Put 1-2 drops of aromatherapy lavender or chamomile oil in the bath, but no more than 2-3 drops because too much of either oil will stimulate the brain (and body) instead of relaxing it (make sure the oil does not just float on the surface of the bath water in essential oil blobs, slash the oil into the water before entering the bath, so that the oil blobs break up and mix into the water). If you put lavender on your pillow at night or have lavender in the room to help with sleep, then remember that using concentrated essential oils (or flower bunch scents), less is more! because any essential oils (or good/bad odour, including lavender) if used in excessive amounts will stimulate the brain keeping you awake rather than inducing sleep. A professionally trained aromatherapist (such as myself) needs to be consulted for the correct, safe application and type of any volatile essential oils that can be of helpful use as an aid to promote a healthy nights sleep.

email Robin Guy to find out more, and how you can be helped with sleep

No napping during the day as this could affect the bodies natural circadian rhythm chemical reactions (of sleep).
The exception to this rule is a siesta (Spanish nap) between 3 and 5pm in the afternoon for about 15 to 30minutes, because some research suggests that taking a siesta may be a natural part of the body clock rhythm for some people.

No pets in the bedroom (distraction or undiscovered allergies).

No augments hours before bedtime (can stimulate fight or flight - noradenaline and adrenaline stress hormones release into the bloodstream).

No drinks before going to bed as this may wake you up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, do it with the light off or have a low light producing light source in the bathroom ready for use if needed.

No Caffeine - caffeinated fizzy drinks or processed simple carbohydrate foods (junk food) during the day or night because these items promote inconsistent blood sugar levels that may contribute to causing mood swings, high blood pressure, dizzy spells and feelings of tiredness. Caffeine with a meal (cup of tea/coffee etc) can impede the uptake of some vitamins and minerals by up to 80%, especially iron (leading to anemia-RSL).

No eating big meals less than 2-3 hours before bedtime because your body will have to metabolize the food and this may keep you awake. Avoid food that creates gas in the body (such as baked beans) as this may keep you awake.

No over stimulating your brain before bed time by watching a violent film or having a hot cup of coffee or tea (caffeine), drugs.

No forcing yourself to stay awake after your selected sleep time, which means go to bed at roughly the same time each night.

No computers, mobile phones or tablets 2 hours before bed tinon computer internet daysme as they emit a strong daylight type light that both confuses the brain whilst stimulating the brain, throwing the brains delicate chemical processes out of balance causing sleeplessness leading to insomnia. Regularly have a non-Internet day by turning off the internet, all phones, tablets, only watch some light TV (TV that's not connected to the internet) and do some reading, painting or play an instrument.

Note: temporarily discarding caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate and any caffeine related products), alcohol, junk food, late night fun that may be disrupting your sleep cycle can be slowly re-introduced once a healthy sleep routine has been re-established.
All the un-healthy foods and drinks that you really like can slowly be placed back into your diet, as long as you remain fully aware that if the food, drink or lifestyle that was the cause of not being able to sleep affects the sleep pattern again and you end up renewing your insomnia by not sleeping, they will have to be discovered and completely excluded.

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Possible Sleep Disruptions

Disruptions of the mind (three treasures): about sleep
Monkey mind getting in the way, manic, keep thinking, keep planning, ideas all the time, cup is full so can never be filled, over joyful, obsessive, depressed, feeling afraid all the time, clot on the brain, brain damage, mental illness, medical drug addiction, mind altering drug addiction, alcohol and much more. About Meditation

Disruptions of the body (three treasures): about sleep
Stress (over-doing it etc), physical problems causing pain (or physiological problems), foods and drink (excessive weight: ex. sleep apnea or problems with food: anorexia or bulimia etc), image dimorphism, too much energy, too little energy (energy all over or in different parts of the body) and much more. About Meditation

Disruptions of the spirit (three treasures): about sleep
Unrealistic beliefs in god(s), feeling guilt, hate, unrealistic love (as in stalking, not feeling loved etc), lust, jealousy, wanting more, wanting less, not being able to let go, guilt, greed, failure and much more. About Meditation

Meditation to sleep

Let go with part by part relaxation:
Get yourself into a comfortable position sat in a chair or laying down in a warm room without draughts.
Make sure your clothes are not tight, undo your belt take off any tight jewelry, preparing yourself for deep relaxation.
If you are sitting in a chair put your hands on your thighs, feet flat on the floor. If you are laying in bed just get in a comfortable position, and move into your sleeping position just as you feel yourself going to sleep.
Close your eyes or leave your eyes open if you are liable to fall into a normal sleep and you do not want to. Prepare to gently, not force the exercise below. Let your mind drift into places and stay there for a while or not its up to you and how you want to let go, with the thoughts just resting in that place, nothing is ever done forcefully.
Now slowly focus your attention on the top of your head for a while and relax all the muscles and skin across your skull/top of your head very gently, (you may be surprised that by just thinking of a body part/place relaxation will arrive on its own)
next move your attention and slowly soften all of your facial muscles (round the eyes, mouth, nose, chin and cheeks) bit by bit, focus for a few moments and loosen all the muscles of your neck for a while, again just letting the mind contemplate in this area for a while (if your head slumps just leave it there if it is comfortable), slowly but completely relax across your shoulders, let the shoulders just drop
slowly soften all the way down from the top of your arms into your hands and fingertips letting the mind rest on muscles and bone and skin from time to time as it journeys from the shoulders to the finger tips, slow down your breathing,
just focus on the breath and notice the breathing becoming deeper and quieter whilst gently over time letting go of the chest muscles, abdominal muscles, concentrate your relaxed watching, moving the mind into participating on the area of your top upper back, and round the shoulder blades, calmly letting go of the muscles beside the spine, completely freeing the upper back, muscles becoming loose, move this focus of letting go into the mid-back, relaxing all these muscles, think into leaving the mind their for a while before moving on to the lower back relaxation becoming deeper and deeper all the way down into the buttocks, buttocks becoming soft,
soften around the pelvis for a while, rest the mind again for a few moments on the abdominal's and oblique muscles beside the abdominal's
Next move your thoughts of relaxation into both of the thighs and let go of the thighs at the front and the hamstrings at the back of the thighs,
think down to the knees, round the knees resting the breath in the knees, muscles becoming softer/looser, now put your thoughts of letting go into your shins and ankles all the way down to a focus of relaxation in the feet.
Rest your mind on the feet for as long as you peacefully can as this will stimulate blood (and chi, qi, ki) from the head to the feet to let the mind rest. About Meditation

learn to sleep

Sleep count down from 100 to 0 exercise:
Get into a comfortable position breathing gently in and out, slowing the breath pattern down.
Next in your mind (in a relaxed mater of fact kind of way) slowly count down from 100 to 0, as you count down from 100 to 0 in-between each number repeat the word sleep; on a forever slowing down out breath: IE in-breath100, out-breath sleep, in-breath 99 slowing out-breath sleep, in-breath 98 slowing deeper out-breath sleep, in-breath 97 without forcing it, a little bit deeper out-breath sleep etc. slowing down all the time (or just slowing down every now and then, you make the rule that works for you).
If you miss out a number (e.g... 87 sleep, 85, sleep), start the countdown again from 100 un-stressed and gradual, just see the re-countdown as part of the relaxation to access sleep process, saying the word sleep in-between each number.
If you manage to get to 0 repeat the exercise again from 100.
Note: Practice this exercise every night until your body starts to learn it, it could take months or years but what else are you going to do, lay there and just ruminate, no keep going and establish that sleep pattern again or get in touch with me to develop a plan to end the insomnia. About Meditation

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Just thought I'd say!
The Chinese recognized how to promote balanced harmony throughout the seasons to encourage sleep and wakefulness.
The extracts (written more than 2,000 years ago) explained next give a brief glimpse into the mind-set that promoted a holistic health programme for sleep and waking hours throughout the year.

Extracts from the Sun Wen Nei Jing (Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine)
Ilza Veith translation

spirit of the spring

The three months of spring is called the period of beginning and development (of life).
The breaths of heaven and earth are prepared to give birth, thus everything is developing and flourishing.

After a nights sleep people should get up early (in the morning);
They should walk briskly round the yard;
They should loosen their hair and slow their movements (body);
By these means they can (fulfill) their wish to live healthfully.

During this period (one's body) should be encouraged to live and not be killed;
One should give (to it) freely and not take away (from it):
One should reward (it) and not punish (it).

Acupuncture-Moxabustion-Cupping-Acupressure-Taiji-Qigong-Aromatherapy-Hypnotherapy therapy by Robin treatment enquiries (

This is in harmony with the breath of spring and all of this method for the protection of one's life.

spirit of the summer

The three months of summer are called the period of luxurious growth.
The breaths of heaven and earth intermingle and are beneficial
Everything is in bloom and begins to bear fruit.

After a nights sleep people should get up early (in the morning).
They should not weary during the daytime and should not allow their mind to become angry.

They should enable the best parts (of their body and spirits) to develop;
They should enable their breath to communicate with the outside world;
And should act as though they loved everything outside.

All of this is in harmony with the atmosphere of summer and all of this is the method of the protection of one's development.

Those who disobey the laws of summer will be punished with injury of the heart.
For them the fall (late summer) will bring intermittent fevers;
Thus they will have little to support them for the harvest (in fall);
And hence at winter solstice they will suffer from grave disease.

spirit of the fall

The three months of fall are called the period of tranquility of one's conduct.
The atmosphere of heaven is quick and the atmosphere of earth is clear.

People should retire early at night and rise early (in the morning) with (the crowing of) the rooster.
They should have their mind at peace in order to lessen the punishment of fall.
Soul and spirit should be gathered together in order to make the breath of fall tranquil;
And to keep their lungs pure they should not give vent to their desires

All this is in harmony with the atmosphere of fall and all of this is the method for the protection of one's harvest.

Those who disobey the laws of fall will be punished with an injury to the lungs.
For the winter will bring indigestion and diarrhea;
Thus they will have little to support their storing (of winter).

spirit of the winter

The three months of winter are called the period of closing and storing.
Water freezes and the earth cracks open;
One should not disturb one's yang.

People should retire early at night and rise late in the morning and they should wait for the rising sun.
They should suppress and conceal wishes as though they had no internal purpose, as though they had been fulfilled.
People should try to escape the cold and they should seek warmth, they should not perspire on the skin, they should let themselves be deprived of the breath of cold.

all of this is in harmony with the atmosphere of winter and all of this is the method for the protection of one's storing.

Those who disobey (the laws of winter) will suffer an injury of the kidney's (testicles);
For them spring will bring impotence and they will produce little.

learn to sleep

Martial arts and sleep
Martial arts are an activity that exercise the mind, body and spirit and after a while promote holistic health to encourage a good nights sleep.
So join a martial arts club to exercise the mind, body and spirit, try several different clubs, styles and art to find the one best suited to your persona.
Do a couple of classes at each art and go back to the one you like the most.

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